Impish Fox, LlC

Impish Fox, Llc provides equine training and services to all horse owners regardless of breed or discipline.

Trainer and owner Sarah French


All Discipline

Owner and Trainer Sarah French has ridden everything from pleasure, reining, contesting, ranch, and trail in western horses and hunt seat, jumping and dressage in english horses. Focusing on creating a solid foundation through trust, horses trained in Sarahs capable hands are willing to try anything their partner may ask of them.

Riding In lightness

Riding in lightness means that our goal is always to use the least amount of pressure, or force, to communicate with our horses. You must develop an independent seat and foster thoughtful riding in order to achieve lightness, but the happy willingness you get from your horse is well worth the effort!



Teaching first, training after

Our training philosophy is based on developing happy willing partners out of your horse. We begin to achieve that by always teaching our horse what is expected of them before we begin training any specific skill. This gives a horse a feeling of relaxation because they always know I will tell them what is coming next. We then begin training a horse to use his whole body to achieve the performance we are looking for whether it is dressage or a quiet trail companion.